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Global Expressions

Get access to daily live birthday expressions shared by global birthday users.

Your Expression

Share your crisp positive birthday message and see it go-live  on your birthday.

Daily Voting

Experience the excitement of voting for your favourite expressions and make them win.

Your Votebank

Accumulate votes in your votebank and GIFT it to your favourite expressions.

Win Prizes

Win from up-to 100 prizes daily. For max voted expression, lucky gifting and more.


A sleek utility to link with your Near&Dear, remember their birthdays and do something more than wishing.

YesBDE for Android


We are working hard to make this wonderful concept available in different mobile platforms like android, iOS, windows and more.

We are excited to inform you that YesBDE android version is now available for download  from play store. Enjoy the fun and experience.

YesBDE for Everyone

From newly born Ninu, to 100 year old grandma

The Opportunity

Approx. 20 million share their birthdays everyday with global population. A massive opportunity to spread happiness. Come! Join the celebrations.

World's first platform to bring global birthdays together. 

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